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Facial expressions that convey feelings

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Why is this project important?

How many times have you tried to figure out if the person who sent you a WhatsApp is happy or not? Do you fully understand the feelings expressed with emoticons? Maybe you use only :-) and :-D but there are more, many more, and using/understanding them will help us in our daily life.

So, why is this project important? Because I'm trying to figure out how people use/identify/understand emoticons nowadays.

The Face We Make Project tries to reverse the process that created the emoticon: adding feelings to electronic communications. This project uses the photos taken by Dexter Miranda for the project in order to analyze if humans are able to identify the right emoticon in the picture.

What is its main purpose?

The main purpose of this project is to understand how well people identify emotions represented by the emoticons that we used every day in our digital life.

Who is behind the project?

Daniel Lombraña González, one of the co-founders of Crowdcrafting :-)

How will people's help make a difference?

If you participate in this project, you will be helping to understand how people identify emotions. Based on this research we will be able to identify those emotions that are most difficult to grasp using an emoticon, so you will not end up angry next time someone sends you an :-@ emoji.

The project shows you a picture of a person representing an emoticon and all you have to do is guess which emoticon is he/she representing. I will be analyzing how good are people guessing feelings and if they interpret correctly the emoticons.

How can you keep track of the project?

Easy! Create an account and participate in the project. Then, when I post and update you will get it by email (you can always disable this feature if you want in your accounts settings). If you prefer to be anonymous, just check the updates section.