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Tagging Pictures is a demo application for PyBossa that shows how you can crowdsourcing an image tagging problem.

This application uses the Flickr web service as the source of the data and the pictures provided by Australian War Memorial collection. By using Flickr, we have the possibility of using its API to refine the searches, and looking for specific tags or descriptions that match a specific criteria, i.e. houses of 1920 or tsunami. In this case the application shows how you can tag faces of people from old photos in order to identify them.

This demo application loads a picture from Australian War Memorial collection and ask the following question: Tag all the faces of people that you know.

Then, the user can click on the picture and drag to draw a square on top of the face. This action will open a window where the user will be able to type the name of the person and save it.

Based on the answer of the users, we will be able to classify the photos, distributing the tasks (thanks to PyBossa) to different users and volunteers.

__ Note If you want to learn more about how to use this application as a template, check the:

Note Application icon courtesy of Beth Kanter