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This project is aiming to improve transparency around oil contracts. Help us by going through the first 5-pages of most of the world's published oil contracts and identify the full legal name, abbreviation, jurisdiction and OpenCorporates ID (if existing) of each contractor mentioned in the contracts.

See this tutorial to learn how.


Transparency has won big victories in its 15 years or so of life as a movement, with contract transparency in particular rapidly gaining momentum. We, at, are firm believers that governments publishing their oil contracts is a clear step towards better governance of the oil industry (check out for most of the world's published oil contracts).

Yet, having access to contracts is the first step. To improve the understanding of the industries, it is also important to know more about the companies signing these contracts, where they are registered, where they operate, etc. Company groups like BP control hundreds of subsidiaries and affiliates, while making use of the various legal contexts they operate in.

Against this background, it is crucial to identify each of the contractors' FULL LEGAL NAME, ABBREVIATION, JURISDICTION and OPENCORPORATES ID (which serves as a unique identifier for corporations). Having this data will allow to create corporate network maps around these contracts, aiming towards a better understanding of issues such as beneficial ownership, tax avoidance and so called “five-percenters”.

OpenOil is a Berlin-based publishing house, working on transparency around the extractive industries.