Localizing Pune's Budget

Peg a ward number to these annual budget items, and help us localize Pune's Budget!



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We're trying to analyze and evaluate the ward-level infrastructure and public spending for Pune. Out of 9,614 budget items listed in the annual budget book for 2015-16 (see the simplified and combined list in bottom link), about 1,997 do not have any ward number or whole-city marking alloted. It would be great if we could assign the the proper ward numbers to these works : we would then have a more accurate picture about the investment made in various areas of Pune.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Read the budget item shown, figure out which ward it's for (or if it's for whole-city), and write in that ward number in the answer box.

This exercise is part of a Participatory Urban Governance action-research project being conducted by CEE : Centre for Environment Education, Pune. We're setting up a website http://sahbhag.in where we'll put more details and we'll soon be sharing more such opportunities for you to participate!

Simplified and combined list of all expenditures in Pune Budget Book, 2015-16: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18YpZsoC_m9w8KTWqsJaFv0D7ik5ZjJif9OiajGLID90

Contact this task's co-ordinator, Nikhil VJ, on nikhil.js[at]gmail.com