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FAQ: Who maintains cities at night project?

Published 2014-08-19

Written by Alejandro Sanchez de Miguel

We are mainly Universidad Complutense de Madrid staff, students and collaborators on the coordination and development.

We host our main web site www.citiesatnight.org on the server of GUAIX group.

Then, we consider Crowdcrafting staff part of the project. They host the web aplications, give us the support and also help on the promotion.

Also we have help of MediaLab-Prado, without their help we could not have the web and icons that we have.

Other source of contributors to the Cities at Night project are frineds and collegues from the LoNNe network, REECL and internet (as our friend Peter Caltner).

You can read more about the histoy of the project here (Spanish).

Also ames detailed here.